Welcome to Black Friday Vipolástica! 

We will refund you 100% of what you buy.*

The purchase price of selected items with Bogoleta 100%, it will be returned in full in the form of a discount voucher, 15 days after delivery of the item (term established by law for exchanges and returns).

This voucher must be redeemed for a purchase on the website following these conditions:

-To use the voucher, the total purchase must always be equal to or greater than twice the value of the voucher.

-The value of the voucher does not have to be deducted in its entirety in a single purchase, but it will always have to be, the debited value, 50% of the total value of the purchase.

-You will have 60 days to use this voucher on our website at

-The value of the voucher cannot be converted into cash or a gift card under any circumstances.

-The value of the voucher does not accumulate with other campaigns in force.

-The brand reserves the right to select products that cannot use the discount voucher.

-Limited to existing stock!

-The brand reserves the right to cancel the order after 12h00 due to non-payment.

-Shipping costs cannot be considered in the discount value.

-Free shipping valid for orders worth ‚ā¨100 or more. Conditions valid for orders up to 2kg.

-To determine the value of the voucher, the prices actually paid by the customer and included in the invoice will be considered.


Example 1

100% worth generated: 20‚ā¨
After activating the voucher, if you place an order equal to or greater than ‚ā¨40, the entire value of the voucher (‚ā¨20) will be applied since the 50% rule is complied with, that is, the value of the voucher applied is not greater at 50% of the order value.

Example 2

100% worth generated: 15‚ā¨
After activating the voucher, if you place an order for ‚ā¨20, ‚ā¨10 from your voucher will be applied (the voucher used cannot exceed 50% of the value of the order).

The remaining value of the voucher (5‚ā¨ = 15‚ā¨ - 10‚ā¨) will be available for use in a second order. This second order will have to respect the same 50% rule.


*conditions valid for orders registered and paid for on November 23 to 27, 2022, mainland Portugal time.