Bogoleta, a piece of history.

When a child is born, a mother is born.

In 2013 my first daughter, Maria InĂȘs, was born and with her the biggest transformation of my life.

Motherhood silently brought in its wings the biggest transformation of my life. It brought a self that I didn't know, a self that still today (every day) I build and rebuild.

Bogoleta is the representation of the cycle of life, love, family!

It is the full representation of what I believe.

It is the embodiment of a childhood I dreamed of having.

It's the legacy I want to leave, history written in fabrics, lace, ruffles, ribbons, buttons.

The communion between the perfect and the imperfect that generates life. When I create Bogoleta, in my soul and heart, I create memories, history, life.

The life lived and remembered with each nostalgic look of a Bogoleta mother.

I didn't have the happiest childhood, I wasn't the most loved child, I don't know what it's like to belong to the “group” of amazing girls (I was the fat one) but, today I know everything I want.

I know today that childhood is to be lived and (re)lived (or reconstructed, in my case).


Bogota Couture, since 2014

A children's clothing brand that sews fabrics with the threads of love, fascination, memory, laughter, the innocence of childhood.

The brand that I want to be present in the childhood of “my” children and remain in the history of the following generations. Because, for me, fashion is the story of a lived life and a memory that lasts over time.

It's the 🎀 family ties.

The timeline of lived life.

The canvas (fabric) where we paint the most beautiful scenarios.

The wings of Bogoleta that bring you the creation that will wear the memories of unrepeatable and unforgettable days.


Be Unique, Be Bogoleta 🩋

Daniela Rocha